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Silona is a musician and singer-songwriter with formal education in music at the Rimon School of Music. In 2008 Silona formed and led an acapella group called Intonica. The group of five singers participated in many singing events in Israel and Europe. Shortly after its formation, the group competed in an international choir competition where it won first place. In 2017, Silona along with Dekel Dvir as producer, and Yoad Nevo as mixing engineer, produced her debut EP. Three singles from the produced EP have been released and are available in digital media in stores. Silona has been performing with her band members in Israel since 2018 and is looking forward to touring once again in Europe.

Silona’s music has been described as soulful, whimsical and able to capture the deepest of emotions from her audience. Sung with authenticity and feeling, her songs are both bright and yet melancholic though still bring hope and positivity from the wistful air of her vocals. Something hides deep within Silona that reveals itself only through her music, a true inspiration and revelation to all.

PRESS | 2019

PRESS 2018

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